Thursday, January 5, 2012

twerp a Twilio command-line client for 2012

twerp is my Twilio command-line client written in Python. I'm releasing it early, but have a ton of features in the works. This is my Twilio hacker DOer tool for 2012, so I may be entering it in their contest. Or, as I guess they'd say, I'm drawing fucking owls!

Current features in 0.0.1:
  • Send and receive SMS text messages on the command line
  • List your Twilio phone numbers with details about each (ACCOUNT_SID, various URLs etc.)
  • Check your logs by message ID to see if it sent successfully
Feature plans in the works:

  • Initiate calls from the command line and directing them to TWIML (due later today!)
  • Full featured text messaging GUI using urwid curses library on the command line
  • Generate TWIML on the command-line and launch a Flask app for quick testing and prototyping
  • Python Distribute based plugin system so you can extend twerp with separate Python pacakges

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