Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Twerp 0.0.5 Released

I'm excited to announce Twerp 0.0.5 is available. Twerp is the telephone hackers toolkit. It's a command-line app for Twilio written in Python.

New features in 0.0.5:

from the command-line:
  • Voice conferences: create, join, list conferences and participants
  • Buy new phone numbers with basic searching by area code or phrase  
  • Account management: list, rename and create new Twilio sub-accounts
  • Application management: list your Twilio Apps

Twerp exposes a lot of the Twilio API, so you have to be careful if you're using a live account. You can cancel all calls in progress for example, re-route calls etc.

Use a Twilio Sub-Account

Creating a Twilio sub-account with just one or two phone numbers for testing will save you a lot of headaches.

First, create a new Twilio sub-account:

$ twerp --create-sub-account Testing

$ twerp --list-accounts



Now if you login to, you'll see a drop-down box where your Master account name was (usually your email address):

Replace the master Twilio ACCOUNT_SID and AUTH_TOKEN in ~/.twerprc with your new sub-account information and you're all set.

 Now you can buy a number for that sub-account:

$ twerp  --area-code 310

 +1 310-555-1212

$ twerp --buy +13105551212

And annoy your co-workers with your new phone number:

   $ twerp -d 213-555-9999 --say 'Hi, this is twerp. Good bye.'